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Aerrow and Piper lovers :>
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This is where all my artwork is! Enjoy it~~~~
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This is where all my Friends, Great - cool and amazing Artists, gifts, and trades artworks are!-oh and photography of cats an kittens :heart:~~~~

Beautiful cats and baby kittens

:heart:My favorite animals in the world :heart:

sexy stamps o3o

-- Here are some stamps, that speak to me in many ways. --

and here are a couple of my stamps that I made :3

:star:Picky Person by shaloneSK+ShaloneSK Fan by shaloneSK+Evanescence Fan by shaloneSK+I love Corpes Bride by shaloneSK+I Heart Jack by shaloneSK+Nightmare Before Christmas Fan by shaloneSK+whatever I want by shaloneSK+TLOS:ZR Fan Stamp by shaloneSK+Flame x Ember Stamp by shaloneSKStork and Shalls Fan by shaloneSK+Spyro OCs not in real game by shaloneSK+MLP:FiM DiscordxPinkie stamp by shaloneSK


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:star: - Special

Anthro/Animal/Anime Original Works
You'll never know what I'll do next for that. C: :heart:

-Other Games-
:bulletblue: rayman (remake)
:bulletblue: Bloodborne 2/3

Q_Q Stamp by TheEmptyCanvas

There will be more later..



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:iconwhutplz::iconsaysplz:Points?... I don't really want to bother too many people by this if it's annoying you..(not to sure ^^; )I could use them though and maybe do something more. :O (would like to upgrade a group or two, or try to at least) Would appreciate this if you can, if not that's okay. :hug:z

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Hey guuuuuuyzzz~

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 9:41 PM

I live~

I know I have been away for quite some time now, I'm doing ok I guess but not as much. I pretty much missed a lot of things that has happened these past few weeks as it seems, I never did get to wish anybody a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday or New Year here. :( I wish I could have but sadly I couldn't because my old PC had malfunctioned a few days nearing Christmas and I pretty much lost quite a bit of stuff I had and what I was working on in art that I wanted to post. ;____; I was pretty upset about it, still am really. I was working on some new comics and art and now I have to redraw and rewrite them allll over again. *sigh, though now we have a new PC and also a few new other things as well, printer, scanner, and a new Wacom Intous tablet for me.  As far as Christmas went for me, it was bad (computer went down) but happened to get a bit better, my sister and her family came up from Atlanta to spend x-mas with us that was fun, also her husband helped with the new PC once we got it to put some stuff back on it that we happened to save as well as my Uncle trying to help too.

A few days before Christmas Day my dad, mom and me were at Toys R Us and I saw that my Dad put down a PS4 on the counter..........I was shocked and said "How dare you let me see it's not even wrapped. ono" Lawl! What's that point of being super happy on Christmas morning once you see/get it already before then?----But I was still very very happy anyway to get one, so whatever it's still special to me even so if I did see it already. XD On Christmas Day I got a few other things, clothes of course, Infamous Second Son, LittleBigPlanet 3, Assassin's Creed Rouge and Assassin's Creed Unity, along with Knack (my dad likes that one, it's cool to me too though. XD) I played almost all of them, didn't play Unity yet... I heard that's it's buggy and needs a patch, correct? lol I watched the video glitches before and laughed though. XD;

But in anycase, I'm still trying to get some things together here so I may not be the fastest in doing things right now and I might not be on for awhile from time to time but we'll see, I'm still trying to get use to this new PC we have right now. ._. and for the people who already commissioned me some days back before all this stuff went down with my other PC you may have a wait a little bit longer until I can settle again and get things back up and running over here, I'll keep you updated though, as well to the rest of you guys too who await for new arts from me as well.

I hope all of you had a nice Holiday, feel free to share if you like. :3

*stares at the thousands of messages.............hdgwidbjsloeh! OMG


Things you should Know

:bulletorange:This statement will stay as of now.
As for my comic, of my characters..... if you're fans make a username that is yourself or Spyro or Cynder but not my OC's at first it was flattering (sorta) but now it's just weird and annoying, I know you may love them very much but have some self control, know a real spyro characters when you see it not someone's OC, Spyro OCs not in real game by shaloneSK I didn't make this stamp for funs, I was being serious. THINK FIRST before you do something - ASK FIRST before you do something. Sometimes you don't really get an answer, in a way of speaking that can be an automatic "No" or the person is just too busy (still dosen't give you right to take) And if you can't get what you want from the artist why whine about it ? You're only making yourself upset. If something is of your concern OK I can understand that, if you go like "OMG I need a new character! I'm gonna use this person's OC or can I use your OC in my story Soooo Important!!1111!1" nononono, sounds like people are being so desperate in something that's not worth it, I mean not to be mean but not everybody wants to be in a something, I learned the hard way in this once, and I never did it again, and look where I am now? I just let it go. Be Creative guys, use your brains in thinking of a character, not a knock off or so on, or have a friend help you if they can. I don't wanna hear "Oh it's just a this.. Oh it's just a that", I have feelings for my work in what I do, sure I may not get back to a lot of my old stuff but that dosen't mean that I have forgotten them they may come back. Be it if I'm big or not, I have a heart. Respect to be respected back.
-Questions and Answers-
:bulletred: May I pair my dragon/character with yours? my character dosen't have a mate...

:bulletorange: No, just... no, sorry I don't really swing that way with others wanting to be with my characters, I don't know you like that O_o; so I don't think so. Sorry....(unless I do know you as a close friend of mine... but this will be very rare to happen. ;I :no:)

:bulletred: My I make children of your characters of your chracters?

:bulletorange: This is an instant NO answer, I'd rather you not do that, permission strictly needs to be asked first. Though I really don't want it to be permitted. <;\ This also goes for my dragon children Nina, Ash and Frijir ect. Eggs are okay but other than that nothing more nothing less no children.

:bulletred: May I use your art as an icon and video's ect?

:bulletorange: It depends, You have to ask me first, if I say "No" then don't have a hissy fit, be respectful. Though I'd rather you Not use my work as such things, I dislike clipping, clones, recolors ect in any manner... as I know you can be creative on your own to think of your own original characters this is also mentioned above in the big paragraph of things to know above. Thank you.

:bulletred: May I Draw fanart for you?

:bulletorange: You may, but also you must ask as well, If it's something bloody or sexual or in any other weird circumstances please ask me first before you even draw it. Also please don't go crazy with the fan art as non-stop then I think people will find it a bit weird, let alone the artists you admire >_>; try to draw for other people that will enjoy your company and to draw for yourself as well of your own original stuff and always credit in your descriptions. :meow:

:bulletred: What programs do you use to draw with ?

:bulletorange: I use Photoshop Elements 2.0 (supper old), Paint Tool Sai , and sometimes Open canvas (rarely)

:bulletred: Can I be your friend?

:bulletorange: .... I really don't answer to this that much, but I don't really think asking to be friends is a good way of being friends, I would have to know you a bit better for being a good friend. ya'know? ;3 don't take it so hard though, but I think you can understand what I'm saying here.

:bulletred: Do you do Requests?

:bulletorange: Nope, I don't do them that much as I use to, They are pretty much open are close friends only, and also even so for a close friend I may not have the time to do them x-x :C Sorry.

:bulletred:Do you RP(Role Play?)

:bulletorange: Um... Not so much anymore, I use to do it a lot but them it just kept getting weirder and creepier as time passes...... please no..and no rp with my OC's either, thanks. it causes confusion and gets a bit weird... even so some may be a bit funny, but can also be a bit offensive...>_>;...

:heart:Daily Features Gifts from others :heart:

Gift for ShaloneSK: Zonoya
Gift for ShaloneSK: Zonoya by FreeXheart657
ART by ZzRaymanSniperzZ
Those who've helped me open up on DA
Those who've helped me open up on DA by BLACKBLOOD-QUEEN
Nina X Frijir
Nina X Frijir by Lyricathedragon
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat by TheLeatherDragonI
.;gift for shaloneSK;. Zonoya
.;gift for shaloneSK;. Zonoya by asia19842
FanArt Month 3 - #4
FanArt Month 3 - #4 by J-Maner
Skylanders AU: Samuel with Rotten Smush and Tonix
Skylanders AU: Samuel with Rotten Smush and Tonix by LucyCat07
frijir the dragon
frijir the dragon by Godzilladragon
Her Magical Children
Her Magical Children by Falysyu123
Millsteam wants a rematch( finished)
Millsteam wants a rematch( finished) by HuskyRBTorchick
Nina Badge
Nina Badge by Darkpaw-Lights

Stamping on you

STOP comparing my art by Mona-samaAnti-Clone Stamp by WeirdHyenaNative American Stamp by StrayCreationsThink before you type stamp by andariaFandom Should be Fun -Ver. 2 by FirefuryAmahiraOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxfreak Stamp by zilla774
I Love My PS3 Stamp by angelslainBGE Club Stamp by bgeclubAnti-Yaoi AkuRoku stamp +BFF+ by iSapphirus+_My Bipolar Freak_+ by Marryanna8IkkiAkito kiss supporter stamp by katdemonlizzyTohru x Kyo by Mako-sempaiDo not judge Stamp by NoiryNo judgement Stamp by PollyUranus.:.X-Play Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx

.:Art Status 1:.

Art Trades Closed by SquirtleStamps
Requests are Closed by savagebinn : NO - Only for close friends, so please don't ask me if your not. <;\
Commissions Open by SquirtleStamps : ->…

You got a brain for thinking of your own art ideas, I would recommend you use it! It's good for you!!! :| No srsly it is.

All my artwork is Copyright To Me *shaloneSK / Shalone Howard.
All rights reserved.
All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not
be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted
or uploaded in any way without my written permission.


Shalone Howard
United States

Name: Shalone Howard
Age: 25
Likes: I like drawing, Nice people!, friends, flowers, blood, Video Games, Cats, Dragons, Foxes, Storm Hawks, Devil May Cry, comics, Tacos!
Dislikes: Jerks, Ignorant people, Harsh Critique, art thieves, gym, insults, people picking on others when they have done nothing wrong, Annoying people, copy cats, Yaoi (some of it, I'm not a die hard yaoi fangirl, thank you very much - I'm mostly up the straight allyway ) mistyping words.

Other Info

DO NOT WATCH ME FOR ONLY ONE THING PLEASE!! I find it kind of annoying, as I draw many things here! My mind will come out as a surprise for most of the part in what i will draw, so do not watch me just for your FAN ARTS, I will draw anything as I please even if you don't like it. If you don't like it I suggest you don't look - unwatch me - and leave, simple as that.

- Pairings - IDFCIGWI!
pimp->Dante x Lady or Trish - Aerrow x Piper - Spyro x Cydner - Nero x Kyrie - Agito/Akito x Ikki - Naruto x Hinata - Drago x Wyvern - Kenji x Uriko aka (Bakuryu x Uriko) - ect...

I don't judge until I see it really happening. - though I don't like to judge anyway, so *eh whatever

*Side Note: please contact me/note me if you have drawn anything for me as in fanart (also give credit too), I will not bite you or hurt you in any manner...

Fast artist stamp by ChaserTechNative American Stamp by StrayCreationsI Draw For.. -STAMP- by HoneyAppleNinja
Yup-yup, pretty much. XD That would be me.

What I use to do my art
Photoshop Elements Stamp by Shadowed-Midnight+I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12+STAMP: OC-addict by CyberFlee+FireAlpaca User Stamp by Demire
Stamp artistic skills by Evanatt+Wacom Tablet User by nokari
+Flash User Stamp by ThEReAlWaZzAr+

:peace: I'm Out! :iconimhappyplz:

P.S Kitty plz!

Current Residence: in the darkness
Favourite cartoon character: Axel, Mailk, Buji Kagashira, Grave aka Brandon heat, superier Balladbird Lee, Jack Skellington ect



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